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The entry fee pays for the cost of staging the event including all the required event permits, signage, set-up, promotion and facilities.  Any fundraising or donations made by Fantasea Harbour Hike participants goes directly to SIMS Foundation. 
About SIMS
  • The Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) was founded in 2005 as a partnership between Macquarie University, UNSW, the University of Sydney and UTS.
  • SIMS is a landmark collaborative research and training institute, bringing together scientists from these four NSW universities as well as federal and state marine and environmental agencies
  • SIMS is the premier marine research facility in NSW located in historic buildings at Chowder Bay, working to protect and preserve Sydney Harbour as well as our coastline and oceans
  • SIMS aims to promote responsibility at an individual and community level for the protection and conservation of our Harbour’s marine riches for generations to come
  • SIMS conducts multidisciplinary marine research on impacts of climate change and urbanisation, biological diversity, fisheries, coastal development, and marine disease
  • For more information about SIMS, go to or visit SIMS' facilities at Chowder Bay, Mosman overlooking Sydney Harbour



About The Sydney Harbour Research Project


  • All funds raised through Fantasea Harbour Hike 2015 will go directly to supporting the Sydney Harbour Research Project (SHRP)
  • SHRP is SIMS’ signature research project - a five year undertaking to determine a benchmark for Sydney Harbour – it aims to find out ‘what lies beneath’ Australia’s most famous waterway, from the fish and other animal and plant species to levels of pollutants and threats to the Harbour
  • The objectives are to identify, preserve and enhance the resilience of those species and habitats in Sydney Harbour that have high ecosystem and conservation value
  • Another major objective is to raise public awareness, the research covers the entire Harbour, up to Parramatta, Lane Cove, to Middle Harbour and beyond. The public outreach will encompass corporations, philanthropic institutions, schools and the community at large.
  • It will result in the first full comprehensive study of Sydney Harbour and will be the benchmark for future ‘Health of our Harbour’ studies
  • The Program will provide the best scientific information to successfully manage our unique waterway now and into the future
  • For more information about the Sydney Harbour Research Project visit